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heavenly insights Idealism becomes the new realism.         
-Tony Blair
A message from John E. Wade II, the visionary who inspired this website and the elements of Heaven on Earth:
We are at the beginning of the beginning.  My calling is calling, not to dwell on what was or is, but rather what can be--heaven on earth.  This ultimate march will require humankind to acquire wisdom and overcome what I call "Internalized stigma."  To do this we must be kind to ourselves and others.
I believe God's enduring, steadfast love will guide us toward that destiny which we all seek, including the following ten elements of heaven on earth:


  • Peace and Security
  • Freedom
  • Democracies
  • Prosperity
  • Gender Harmony
  • Spiritual Harmony
  • Racial Harmony
  • Ecological Harmony
  • Health
  • Moral Purpose and Meaning


John E. Wade IISoldiers of Love